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Our nursery makes snacks and meals a social time during which children and adults take the opportunity eat together. The children learn about table manners and they enjoy eating in a social setting. The children also help to clear away after mealtimes which gives them a sense of responsibility and helps them to become independent.

We are committed to promoting the health and well-being of children and have an excellent cook who prepares freshly cooked food daily on the premises. We use minimal salt and sugar which contributes to a healthy and nutritious diet.

The seasonal menus are rotated on a four weekly basis, and can be adapted to suit your child's dietary needs.

Healthy snacks are provided throughout the day for your little ones to top up their energy levels! In addition, milk, water and fresh fruit are always available at the café bars.

Children are encouraged to help with the preparation of meals and snacks wherever possible. They grow fruits and vegetables in the outdoor growing area, promoting their awareness and understanding of healthy eating. The fresh fruit and vegetables are then used by our cook when preparing the meals. 


Sample Menu

Snack*Malt loaf & peach slicesCracker breadRice cakesOatcakes & vegetable sticksFruit loaf
LunchChicken and vegetable casserole with cabbage & carrotsBeef meatballs in gravy with potatoes, broccoli & carrotsHam & cheese pizza with chips, peas & sweetcornSalmon, cod & vegetable pie with broccoli and cauliflowerCorned beef layer with peas & sweet corn
DessertArctic rollPineapple upsidedown cakeOaty biscuit with apple wedgesPlain fromage fraisSemolina
Snack*Melba toastCheese twists, ritz biscuits with carrots & cheeseBreadsticks & vegetable sticksCereal and fresh fruitPlain popcorn
TeaHomemade cheese burger in a bun with beansHomemade vegetable lentil soup with bread & butterAssorted finger sandwiches with cucumber, pepper sticks & quaversGarlic bread with continental meats, cherry tomatoes & carrot sticksScrambled eggs on toast with grated carrot
DessertGinger biscuit with sliced appleFresh fruit platterFruit YoghurtSet custardBlueberry muffin
*all snacks served with fresh fruit and milk or water.

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